Creation and processing of photos of children’s cars for ecommerce use.

A US entrepreneur named Brian, has spearheaded an exciting project; retro cars for kids! You read that right. As real as your car that takes you from A to B, both electric motors and petrol-powered cars. These cars are completely similar to the vintage cars you know like Ferrari, Mercedes, Land Rover and Jeep but they’re smaller, as they should be. This project is an amazing idea that will grab the attention of children, diverting their focus on gadgets and console games.

To provide the client with a thorough understanding of the appearance of their choice car via pre-ordering on the website. To work on photographs of cars and create new images of diverse color variations of the product for the site to enable the client to get acquainted with the car as well as choose their preferred color for the body, the rims and the interior. It is important as well to create pictures of customized stickers and nameplates, rims and parts of the body like spoilers.

I have edited and created 800 images for the constructor app on the site. This gives the buyer the freedom to choose the color of the body, interior, rims and other parts when pre-ordering. The colors of the products in the images match the exact colors that are available for delivery after an order has been made. Retouched cars appear natural and neat. All the images are similar in size, style and location. The images have no background as they have been removed. This makes the image usable for advertising and media purposes. The work was also done in time.