NOTEDO Door closers
Retouching and image processing of door closers.

Notedo is a wholesaler of door closers. The product has excellent quality and appearance, as well as a huge range of models and colors.

The company launched new door closer models that needed to be added to catalogs so that the supplier could familiarize himself with the range and place an order for the required products.
Prepare images for use in the catalog and online store. There are 40 door closer models in total and each model has 8 different colors. The product in the images should look neat and aesthetically pleasing. All images must match each other in color and style, be the same size, and also have no background. Complement the missing details by taking images from another photo.
Main problems
The images were originally shot with a professional camera, but required basic color correction, product perspective flattening, and exposure restoration.

The presence of dirt and defects in the product images makes it unattractive to a potential buyer.
Dirt and defects

Missing caps on some products when taking photos.
Missing elements

Each product has 8 color variations.
The color in the images must be exactly the same as the actual product.

The work is divided into stages in order to properly allocate time and effort. All images are subject to basic color correction. The perspective is aligned to represent the correct shape of the subject. Exposure is corrected as overexposed or black spots lose texture and shape. It also creates a false impression of the shape of the product.
With the pentool, the background is carefully removed with due attention to every detail. Automatic selection tools are not suitable for this project, as they create many errors, which later take more time to fix.

Further, high-end retouching begins. The products contain traces of dust, fine dirt, as well as scratches and defects. Cleaning takes place using the frequency decomposition technique. This allows you to make the product look perfect, at the same time natural and realistic. In some places, the texture of the metal is restored, and in some places, on the contrary, the excessive "graininess" is muffled.

After that, work begins on the shape of the object, highlights and reflections. It is necessary to give the object a shiny metallic look that enhances its shape and makes it cleaner. Each face is processed with a separate adjustment layer. The Dodge & Burn technique is used to add even more shine.

Some products add a cap that was not present at the time of the photo shoot. This is done by copying an identical cap from another image. Its shape is corrected, applied to a new product, shadows are added and the shape is corrected. Everything is done so that no traces of retouching and processing are visible.
Some products are created using ready-made images by means of photo manipulation. If all the components are absolutely identical, but only the length is different, then it is easier to increase the length of the object in the already finished image. Moreover, the objects will have a uniform look, shape and texture.
In this project, there is no need to shoot every product in all colors. This will only complicate the work, which will require huge time and money costs both in photography and in retouching. It is much better to remove the base neutral color (gray) and make color variations or other coating materials from it.

320 retouched images in PNG format, with a transparent background for use in the catalog, online store and media resources.

The images are retouched, have a perfect appearance and fully match the color of the real product.