KnowHowww is a creative agency located in the Netherlands. Their client was about to launch sales of a new shoe model, which was then in production. It was necessary to prepare images for online stores and catalogs, create images of shoe models with new materials and colors so that the website visitors could get a broad overview of the product range and pre-order. The plan was to launch 20 new shoe models, each with three variations of the material, and each material in several shades. For each model, the client provided a technical task with a description of colors and materials and images of the base model in black color. Lev was expected to come up with images of two new materials (suede and antique suede), each in different color variations. To facilitate this process, the client took images of new materials directly at the production site and the colors were selected according to the material palette. In order to optimize the workflow and meet the deadlines, the project was broken down into milestones that the customer assessed when ready.

The photo manipulations began with basic image processing in Photoshop (cleaning the dust and scratches, removing the background, correcting the shape and color). Next step was the creation of images with new materials "suede" and "antique suede" by means of manipulations with textures. On the original images, the leather texture was removed and replaced with suede. To achieve a realistic look, Lev had to pay special attention to the shape, light, and details. Fast forwarding to the deadline, about 300 images of shoes were created, which were then used in the online store and catalogs. All images fully match the real shoes and provided the website visitors a clear idea of the end product.
AGENCY: KnowHowww, Amsterdam
New shoe materials creation with texture samples
New colors
Material samples from customer
Different views with newly created materials for one of shoe models as an example