Creation and processing of images of children's cars for use in ecommerce.

Brian, a US entrepreneur, has launched an incredible project. These are retro cars for children. Yes, real cars, with petrol and electric motors. Absolute copies of retro legends, only smaller Ferrari, Mercedes, Jeep, Land Rover. This is an incredible project that helps children get interested in something new and very exciting and, finally, take their minds off modern gadgets and console games.
To give the client a complete understanding of the appearance of the car that he wants to receive by pre-ordering on the website. To process the existing photographs of cars and create new images of all color variants of the product for the site, where the client can preliminarily familiarize himself with and select the color of the car body, as well as the interior and rims. It is also necessary to make images of configuration options with stickers and nameplates, rims and body elements such as spoilers.
Main problems
The pictures of cars sent from production were of high resolution, but required processing and retouching, as the cars remained dirty and bloopers. Reflections on cars needed to be corrected, as they did not create the correct idea of the shape of the car body.
Body imperfection
The presence of dirt and dust on the car body. Reflection in the car creates the illusion of a crumpled body.

Distorted perspective also creates a false impression. This can create the problem that in photographs the image is one, but in reality the product is of a different form. The position of the wheels also gives the impression that the vehicle is not ready for use.
Distorted perspective
Looking at the original image, it may seem that the wheels are not positioned correctly along the vertical axis.

It is very important to correctly paint the bodywork and other elements in the images to match the actual product. The buyer must be sure that he will receive a car with a body color that exactly matches the images on the website.
Color matching
Body color variations made using the provided examples

Some vehicle configurations also have the ability to select some elements, such as wheel disks, as well as body parts - spoilers, stickers, badges. This also needs to be shown in the images for the buyer to be able to familiarize himself with. It is necessary with the help of photo manipulations to combine the provided images of parts with images of cars. It should look natural and realistic.
Missing product elements
Adding a spoiler using photo manipulation in Adobe photoshop
The work begins with the preparation of all car images for retouching. Basic color correction, perspective alignment, noise reduction. Too dark areas need to be lightened, and overexposed areas should be restored so that there are no black or white spots that give an incorrect idea of the product.
Further, the retouching of the image begins. I use the frequency decomposition technique because in this project it is very important to get a quality image in the final. Frequency decomposition makes it possible to remove unwanted elements from the image without leaving visible traces of processing.

In all images, dirt and dust are carefully removed from the body of cars, wheels, bumpers. Scratches are removed from glass, headlights and chrome parts. Reflections and glare are smoothed out, smoothed out, and some are removed so that there is no false impression of the car's shape.

«rightness and contrast are restored on chrome parts and headlights for a shine and freshness. Some colors need to be restored and emphasized, such as the steering wheel or the turn signals.

The background is removed, transparency and reflections of the windshield are superimposed. Realistic shadows are created. All work is carried out very carefully and thoroughly, with attention to every detail, while the result of retouching must be realistic and natural.

After retouching, the images are prepared for the important stage of working with the color of the body, interior and wheels.
After thorough retouching, the preparation of images for painting the body, interior and rims begins. Very important to prepare the image and create masks for each element. This will simplify and speed up the work at the subsequent stages, as well as keep the high quality of processing. I don't use the automatic selection tools as they end up taking longer due to adjustments.
Masks created with the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop
When all the masks are created, grouped layers are made for each element in Photoshop. The order in the layers makes further color adjustments convenient and allows you to quickly add a new color position.
Colors are created according to the body color references provided by the client. Each color requires brightness and saturation adjustments, as it is very important to get identical color schemes. Everything should look believable and natural. The color positions of the interior and rims are created separately.
In addition to color, some of the cars have been replaced and added some elements such as spoilers and rims.
Processed and created 800 images for the constructor app on the site. This enables the buyer to pre-order the car by choosing the color of the body, interior, rims, and other additional options. The product shown in the images exactly matches the colors and materials of the ordered vehicle. Retouched cars look neat and natural. All images are identical to each other in size and style, have the same size and location. The background on the images has been removed, which makes it possible to use them in other advertising and media projects. The work was completed on time.