Full Focus
Creation and processing of planner images for Full Focus with eCommerce product photo editing services.

Full focus is a US-based company that sells planner pictures through online stores and other resources. The planners are of supreme quality and feature excellent custom designs. They offer a wide range of products ideal for both children and entrepreneurs.
Proces planner images through eCommerce product image editing services to use on the website and online stores.

Here’s the procedure of eCommerce photo editing:

At first, correct the color of pictures, align perspective, and remove dirt, dust, or imperfections. We then improve texture, align ribbons, and add elastic bands or ribbons with product image editing services.

All pictures must have the same size, style, and location. Each product should have multiple angles: a direct view of the cover and open pages. It is also essential to create group photos of planners, and we do so using eCommerce product photo editing services.
Before the product photo editing service, a professional photographer clicks pictures of products in the studio. But despite this, they have some defects, and it is totally normal.

The eCommerce image editing services begin with the basic correction of raw files. The process involves several steps, including color correction, perspective alignment, noise removal, and texture improvement. Consider preparing all photos properly, as it can be hard to get back to this stage after the eCommerce product retouching service. In addition, it is worth removing the background and adding a barely noticeable color/shadow to all pictures at this stage to make them look natural.
After these basic corrections, we switch to eCommerce retouching services. Whatever the product, it should not have any dust and dirt. It is essential to make the traces of Photoshop invisible, especially in areas where texture is pronounced. To do so, the technique of frequency decomposition is used qualitatively. This makes it easy to clean the object without affecting its shape and color or adjust the shape without affecting texture.

Before / After texture retouching
Though it can be possible to retouch every model of the planner, the process is time-consuming, affecting budget and timeline. During the eCommerce product retouching phase, I prefer removing some details from the object, such as straps and logs (can be restored later). Individual work on these elements will optimize the work and make the appearance of products much better.
At this stage, logos and straps are restored, and ribbons are added at the bottom of planners. All these elements should have the same look, shape, and texture. Since the main layout is used as a basis for all planners, we prepare it carefully by making the best use of eCommerce image editing. The logo on this case was created from scratch using an identical font and overlay effects. The ribbons are taken from one picture. We then retouch, align and cut them from the background and finally add to all photos through product image editing services. We design the straps in the same way. Both straps and ribbons are used to change the shape and color of a particular planner. I make sure to prepare all elements neatly, without giving the feeling of photomontage.
Original > Retouched > Elements added
So now, all the excess dust, dirt, scratches, and wrinkles have been removed, and the flat shape is leveled. The texture seems natural & perfect, and all elements are redone and restored. The next step is to look into color and texture.

Since we need to create identical pictures for one model, the photographer takes only one photo, and then we recolor the product and its elements using the product photo editing service. The positions of some products are alike, but apart from the color, they also have different textures. The texture is transferred from other images using photo manipulation and frequency decomposition. That's how we get the same photos that differ in material and color. It is also essential to choose an accurate color that suits the original product to make it look natural and realistic.
Texture changing
On the other hand, we have to redraw some pictures for perfect results. For instance, in the image on the right, due to the ornament on this planner, it was hard to do eCommerce photo retouching for the best results. Therefore, we decided to redraw the ornament and restore texture. This is how we obtained a perfect image of the product using photo manipulations and eCommerce photo editing.

Original > Ornament drawing > Final
It is also necessary to process the images of the internal pages of the schedulers. After retouching and processing the photos of open planners, we delete the entire information from pages so that it can be reinserted by taking page layouts from vector files. This eCommerce photo editing service produces the same planner photos that show examples of internal pages. To give pictures a uniform look, we replace original tapes with bookmark tapes.
Original > Retouched/Pages added

Final images
Classic planner
Navi / Oatmeal / Grey
Bold planner
Blue / Olive / Eggplant
Aviary / Botanical / Dalmatian / Savannah
Student standart
Blue / Orange
Classic planners
Saddle / Black
New brown / Gatsby
Executive Bold
Bold Coil Planner
Grey / Oatmeal
Blue / Olive / Red
Bold Coil Planner
Inner pages
Classic Planner
Inner pages
Kids Planner
Inner pages
Executive Black Coil Planner
Inner pages
Processed and created 320 images of planners for the online store. All images have an attractive and natural look and are fully consistent with real products. The visitor can see both the cover of the planner and the inner pages. All images are identical to each other in style.