Image processing and retouching for the Australian sports brand through eCommerce product photo editing services.

DoYouEven is a renowned brand that produces superior quality clothing for sports and fitness. All products are designed with close attention to every small detail and are quite popular among sports enthusiasts.
Our job is to process a vast array of photos of a new collection of products for an online store. Using eCommerce image editing and retouching, we make basic color corrections, eliminate unnecessary items, correct & improve models' figures, create color variations, and remove imperfections from models' skin, accessories, and clothes.

We strive to make pictures look neat, clean, and natural, with no visible Photoshop or eCommerce product retouching traces. Product pictures must reflect the actual appearance of the product and correspond to the natural color, shape, and appearance. We also make sure that images match each other in style and color correction. Finally, our specialists prepare product photographs for the web: compression and size as per technical requirements.
Main problems
Folds in clothes
The folds in clothes spoil the product impression and create an inappropriate product image among online customers
Skin defects
Models' skin imperfections distract customers' attention from the product and create an unpleasant impression
The color temperature is very cold, and therefore, the skin tone lacks warm tones. In addition, all photos must be of the same color temperature
Product pictures should have the background removed or replaced with the site's background color
Product photos require light adjustments to the shape of the models
The customer sends images in raw format and terms of reference. The pictures should be taken in a professional studio to ensure high quality. It is essential to keep in mind that such images are very pleasant to work with.

Since there are many pictures in the project, it is critical to divide the process into different stages to optimize the process. And for this, we draw a processing plan. Automatic scripts are generated for some tasks. Basic image processing starts when you receive images from the photographer.

First of all, light and color are corrected using eCommerce product photo editing. Then distortion & perspective are aligned, and excessive noise is eliminated. We know that image preparation is quite a critical stage on which further eCommerce retouching services depend
RAW > Corrected
As per the terms of reference, the background color of the picture should match the website's background. In the next step, we remove the background as it will make it easy to adjust the color in the future by simply replacing it.

Because there are several images and it is essential to optimize the time, the automatic selection tools, like Color Selection, Quick Selection, and Magic Wand, are partially used. We use automatic selection when there is a contrast between the background and the model (Dark Clothing> Light Background). If the model's clothes are light in color on a light background, then later "torn" edges appear on the border of the model and the background. As mask adjustments take a lot of time, we prefer using the pen tool to save time when there's no obvious contrast. Then, we try to combine manual and auto selection techniques. Furthermore, we use the advanced tool to soften the hair selection of models.

After eliminating the photo background, the shadows are restored manually using a graphics tablet.

Before / After texture retouching

Before / After
In the next step, we start retouching images using eCommerce photo retouching. We remove all defects, clean the skin, adjust the shape, and add sharpness to models' pictures.
Then we use the frequency decomposition method to remove unnatural folds of clothing to enhance their appearance.

Before / After
Basically, the work speed entirely depends on the knowledge, practice, and experience of Adobe tools.

Professional streaming eCommerce product retouching service means fast photo processing, top quality, and close attention to detail. There's no need for deep retouching; the models must look as natural as possible. However, eliminate obvious defects so that they don't distract customers' attention from the actual product. Additionally, the work speed enables you to optimize the labor costs of the retoucher, which in turn reduces the work cost
We check all images carefully and change the color wherever required using product image editing and retouching services.
Finally, we prepare the product photos for the web. To match image size requirements, we crop them and add some sharpness. Then, we save all images with optimal compression, put them into folders, and send them to the client.

1400 retouched and prepared images of clothing for use in online store and ecommerce